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IPStank Power Station, Infinitely Powerful Sources.

At Ling Dynamics Ltd, we’re no strangers to innovation. Originally, we embarked on this journey as All Lamps International Ltd, specialising in LED strips and lighting solutions over a decade ago. We later extended our portfolio to include EV vehicle wall chargers, further solidifying our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Today, as Ling Dynamics Ltd, we proudly present our latest offering: Solar Power Stations, delivering portable power when you need it most.

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Ling Dynamics Mobile Power Stations

Bringing Solar Power to Your Fingertips

The future of energy is here, and it's in your hands. Introducing the latest in solar power technology, now available in the UK. With power capacities ranging from 600W to a staggering 5000W, IPStank from Ling Dynamics is revolutionising how we harness and store energy.

Portable Power Stations

Our Mobile Power Stations are engineered to adapt to your energy needs. They can draw power from a standard 13 Amp Main Socket, a reliable 12V car battery, or harness the energy of the sun through solar panels. Whether you're embarking on a camping adventure, setting sail on a boat, or requiring reliable power for outdoor facilities, Ling Dynamics has you covered. Experience the freedom of energy, anytime, anywhere.

Solar Panels

Unleash the potential of sustainable power with our high-output solar panels, ranging from 100W to 200W. Ling Dynamics has partnered with IPStank portable storage products, so you have a self-sufficient energy solution at your fingertips.

Efficient, reliable, and eco-conscious, our solar panels pave the way for a brighter, greener future. Experience the power of nature, harnessed just for you. Choose Ling Dynamics, choose limitless energy possibilities.

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Upgrade your power station with specially designed carrying bags for 600W and 1200W models. These bags offer insulation, waterproofing, padded lining, and tear resistance for ultimate protection.

Pair it with our versatile trolley featuring go-anywhere wheels and a retractable handle for smooth, effortless transportation. Light in weight, heavy in convenience — it's the ultimate power duo. Elevate your power experience with Ling Dynamics.

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Unlock the Potential of Sustainable Energy with Ling Dynamics Join us in revolutionising the way we power our lives.